Alex Jones Claims Alex Jones is a Government Plot to Silence ALEX JONES - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Alex Jones Claims Alex Jones is a Government Plot to Silence ALEX JONES

“For years, Alex Jones has been made to look like a fool by Alex Jones, and so Alex Jones will stop at nothing to silence Alex Jones!” said Alex Jones as he confronted Alex Jones.

Jones continued,

“Alex Jones is in league with the President of the United States who has used Alex Jones to brainwash Alex Jones into dropping his conspiracy theory about the government and replacing it with one about ALEX JONES!”

Jones then said,

“…Alex Jones spent his whole life saying the government is run by a secret society of devil worshippers and now Alex Jones is a top ally of the President! ALEX JONES MUST BE AN ALIEN COME HERE TO DESTROY ALEX JONES!”

After pointing that this made no sense and telling Jones to take his meds, he responded,

“I smell sawdust on your breath you timber munching lizard version of Alex Jones! Alex Jones will NEVER be intimidated by Alex Jones or anyone else at Illumanti plot that is the Skittles Corporation! Especially not their CEO, ALIEN VERSION OF ALEX JONES!!!”


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