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Awkward Silence in WH after New Guy Makes Anti-Nazi joke

We would have at least preferred a trigger-warning… there are just some things you don’t make jokes about,” said Steve Bannon on Monday.

At a high level meeting comprised of Trump’s top assholes, new employee Jack Ferrell reportedly cracked a joke that compared Nazis to an impotent fish. After Ferrell delivered the punch line he looked around only to discover no one was laughing, but they were all staring at him in amazement.

It was like their jaws literally dropped,” said Ferrell, “I’ve never seen such an awkward silence in my life.”

Ferrell told the New York Times, “I’m just not that PC I guess… I just expected the Trump administration, of all people, to understand.”

Reports suggest Bannon is putting together a packet of unacceptable people and things to make fun of including, “holocaust deniers, tin foil hat wearers, and people who don’t believe the moon exists.”

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