Culture Obsessed With Superhero Movies Blasts Religious People for, "Desperate Need to Believe in Something Supernatural" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Culture Obsessed With Superhero Movies Blasts Religious People for, “Desperate Need to Believe in Something Supernatural”

“Religious people have an unnatural desire to believe in something supernatural,” said Ferris Richardson, who owns over 250 assorted Marvel figurines.

American Culture in general has spent over 3 billion dollars in recent years on Superhero movies while simultaneously calling anyone crazy who believes we are anything but random chunks of matter in a universe that popped into being uncaused out of nothing (or who don’t believe everything is just here for no good reason).

Religious people have also seen recent criticism from people who spend at least two hours a day playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Skyrim.

The self titled, “Level 15 Spellbinding Sorcerers,” have a released a statement saying that,

“we are appalled with religious people who would rather spend their time living in a fantasy world rather than reality.”

New studies also suggest needs can sometimes exist because there is actually something in existence to fulfill this need.

For example, one study found that not only do we need food, but food also exists. In fact, “we would not have ever developed a need for food if there was no such thing as food,” said a scientist who needed food for sustenance himself.

Richardson, the aforementioned marvel figurine owner, recently cashed in his son’s college fund and sold him into slavery so he could buy a first edition comic of Spiderman with the proceeds. A casual observer noted that he, “displays this comic book as if it were his only son,” which it is not. His son is still a slave in a rural area of Somalia.

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