The Faith of Harriet Tubman - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

The Faith of Harriet Tubman

The Faith of Harriet Tubman meme

The Faith of Harriet Tubman

Religion is the cause of all the words problems? Actually, religion is often in the heart of history’s most selfless and courageous people. Harriet Tubman risked her life to save thousands of slaves through the underground railroad. Here is what she believed…

The Abolitionist Thomas Garrett on Harriet Tubman…

“…in truth I never met with any person, of any color, who had more confidence in the voice of God, as spoken direct to her soul. She has frequently told me that she talked with God, and he talked with her every day of her life, and she has declared to me that she felt no more fear of being arrested by her former master, or any other person, when in his immediate neighborhood, than she did in the State of New York, or Canada, for she said she never ventured only where God sent her, and her faith in a Supreme Power truly was great.”

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