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Democrats Unleash Foolproof Plan for 2020: ‘Do the Same Thing as Last Time’

Democrats have reportedly unleashed a foolproof plan to stop Trump in 2020, do exactly the same thing as last time.

The Democrats plan to win over former Trump voters by just sitting back and waiting for Trump to make a fatal mistake just like they did last time… oh and also doing everything they possibly can to show no humility as well as being highly condescending to Trump voters.

“There is a word for that… foolproof… or is that two words?” said Thomas Perez, the new token nerd of the Democrats.

Perez, who was the labor secretary for Obama (who didn’t like what happened to labor under Obama after all)… believes we can recreate the 2016 election in 20/20 perfectly. “We even have a perfect substitute for Bernie, Keith Ellison! If Bernie croaks we can just swamp him in as the radical wing that the Democrats hold hands, don’t let him them lead the party.

Perez concluded,

“What could go wrong? You think Trump dare use the power of American intelligence agencies & Russian hackers to use Wikileaks even more this time?? HA!”

While all this was going on an alien who operates from a completely objective standpoint was watching via her advanced surveillance technology began tearing her tentacles out and yelling at the TV screen like a loud guy in a horror movie.

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