Flying Spaghetti Monster Depressed After Discovering Intelligent Religious People - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Flying Spaghetti Monster Depressed After Discovering Intelligent Religious People

“He just sits in the fridge all day absorbing vodka-sauce,” reported the Flying Rotini Monster, brother of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM).

After coming home after a late night of pasta parties Friday evening, reported TMZ, the FSM came across some YouTube videos of Christian intellectuals defending their faith using logic and reason alone.

After the incident, the FSM was distraught, reportedly saying, “I left Italian-Restaurant-Planet for this?”

His brother explained,

“His entire existence is predicated on thinking that God is as ridiculous as any crazy made up belief. But the Christians he saw were highly educated, they gave arguments for God, and responded to objections against God using logic and reason alone… and did so in a way that didn’t apply to clearly made-up beliefs.”

The FSM is scheduled to appear in a casserole next Wednesday, but TMZ reported that he is planning to cancel.

His sister, the Floating Breadbowl Monster said, “We really hope he gets over this soon. We are all really worried about him. He’s been hanging around in tupperware with the leftovers and I’m worried they’ve been shooting-up oregano.”


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