History Teacher Crying in Bathtub After Trump Press Conference - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

History Teacher Crying in Bathtub After Trump Press Conference

A local History teacher, John Mintrozy was found weeping in his bathtub this morning after watching a Donald Trump press conference. Mintrozy, shocked that Trump got this far, was muttering…


  1. Remember History Repeats itself
  2. Be Suspicious of ALL Meglomaniac Power-hungry Leaders
  3. Repeat lessons 1 and 2 to SAVE SOCIETY

Mintrozy felt he failed to warn society about how the most important lesson history teaches us is to stay away from megalomaniac leaders like Trump. And that they can’t just risk electing anyone because history will repeat itself.

In his depression Mintrozy has been thinking about teaching math instead. But he fears he will somehow catastrophically fail again by doing the wrong math equation and so causing a split in the space time continuum that will lead to self-aware calculators taking over the country.





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