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LEAKED: Trump/Dobson, ‘Trump is a Christian’ Transcript

The following is a transcript of a meeting between Evangelical leader James Dobson and Donald Trump. Recently James Dobson claimed that this meeting made him see that Trump was really a Christian. Until now, no one knew exactly what was said in the meeting.

The transcript was provided by a high level staffer inside Donald Trump’s campaign. 


Dobson: Did you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?


Trump: Yes.


Dobson: You aren’t just saying this because it will help you become the most powerful person in the world, are you?


Trump: No… why would I do a thing like that?


Dobson: Good enough for me!


*Dobson pauses for a moment*


Dobson: Actually, no it isn’t… I know what I need to do! You must pinky promise!


*Trump stretches out his pinky*


Dobson: Ok, we are good here. Trump is a Christian!


*entire time Playboy cover displayed proudly on Trump’s wall*


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