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Putin Looking for the Best Elementary School for his Kids to Bomb

“One day they are home with you torturing dissidents, and the next they want to go off on their own and bomb and elementary school. They grow evil so fast,” said Vladmir Putin about his 4 year old twins that we just made up to make this article make sense.

Putin has been on a hunt for the top elementary school in the world for his children to carpet bomb. “Nothing but the best for my kids,” he said,

“other people’s kids on the other hand must be killed to test out Russian weaponry, raise oil prices, and give my kids something to do if one of their Nintendo controllers break.”

Ok this article is becoming too freaking disturbing.

And that is the point of it.

What Putin has done in Syria is really evil.

Anyone with half of a conscience should oppose him and anyone with a little common sense know you can’t trust him.

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