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Starbucks Customer Paralyzed with Shock after Coffee was Delivered Without Sarcasm

Truly shocking events come only once or twice in a lifetime. December 7th, 1941 was Pearl Harbor. September 11th, 2001 was 9/11. And June 29th 2015 was the day when a Starbucks Barista delivered a cup of coffee with absolutely no hint of sarcasm.

Eyewitnesses say that after handing her the coffee, the Barista smiled, and said with a sincere tone of voice, “thank you.”

29 year old John Amari describes what happened next,

“The woman just stood there in amazement, as if she was frozen in place. It was such a shocking event that some people just couldn’t handle it. Another customer who had witnessed the sincere non-sarcastic, “thank you” walked over to the elevator, got in, and pushed the 24th floor button. Shortly after, he flew past the window. He had jumped off the building.”

Unable to handle the shock, millions more have jumped to their death upon hearing about the story.

The entire dedicated team of 200 Starbucks employees who are responsible for ensuring that every cup is delivered by Starbucks trademarked sarcastic Baristas have been jailed on charges of criminal neglect and fraud.

Starbucks has released an apology but it is unclear if the apology can be trusted or it the apology itself is sarcastic.

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