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Trump Plans to Confuse the Supreme Court with a Taco for Publicity

Sources inside the Trump administration have leaked a tweet that Trump is planning to send tomorrow.

The leaked tweet is apparently a deliberate attempt to gain news coverage and soften Trump’s image by acting like the President didn’t know the difference between a Taco Supreme and the Supreme Court.

The text of the leaked tweet is below

“My Muslim ban WILL prevail at TACO SUPREME! #MAGA”

Taco Bell is planning a formal response to President Trump which puts them along side Skittles and Tic-tacs as American food companies who have had to formally denounce the President.

The American Academy of Clowns is also reportedly considering a lawsuit against the President claiming that the number of people comparing President Trump to a clown constitute, “defamation against clowns and the practice of clowning.”

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