BREAKING: Donald Trump Claims Donald Trump is a Secret Muslim - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

BREAKING: Donald Trump Claims Donald Trump is a Secret Muslim

“Everyone is thinking it,” said Donald Trump this morning, “I am just saying it… Donald J. Trump is a secret undercover Muslim.

The Hair Evidence

Trump continued, “Trump’s hair looks like some kind of cheap camouflaged yellow Hijab.

Manna From Heaven for Terrorists

Trump claimed Trump was, “intentionally helping ISIS by maing inflammatory remarks sure to radicalize moderate Muslims.”

Trump said, “Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is like manna from heaven for terrorists who need to radicalize moderate Muslims to grow their terrorist organizations. Hence, Trump is a secret undercover Muslim terrorist!”

Captured on Camera?

Trump’s Campaign claims this to be a photo of Trump going for a morning walk in his Mar-a-Lago Resort

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