January 2017 - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Apologetics Without Works is Dead

January 29, 2017

It isn’t one of my best memories but I worked at a retail store selling high-end clothing. And my paycheck was 100% commission which is something that forces you to figure out what makes you […]

Donald Trump: The Incarnation of America’s Myth

January 28, 2017

Anyone in America who didn’t vote for Trump (and even some who did) is quick to distance themselves from him. Those foolish Conservatives, those Evangelicals, are completely responsible for Donald Trump, while the hands of my […]


January 12, 2017

Reports indicate Marco Rubio showed up to Trump Tower this morning wearing a cloak, sandals, and holding a wooden staff. He pushed the button for the elevator and when it opened he screamed, “LET MY […]

Encouraging Mondays: Jan 01/08/17

January 9, 2017

Could your Monday use more encouragement? Hope this helps. This inspired by Philippians 4:8. Maybe we will do this every Monday… Tallest Building Architect Builds a Church Adrian Smith, the world renowned architect who built a […]


January 8, 2017

Enjoyed reading this post by A Jew and a Gentile. Seemed like a humble yet honest look at the situation with Donald Trump’s election & the Church. Dear Theophilus (Acts 1:1), Since early November, I have […]

Trump’s Top Russia Advisor Refutes Rumors

January 7, 2017

Donald Trump’s top Russia advisor says his name is Jack and he is an American from Alabama, but he has a very strong Russian accent and says, “praise be upon him” when mentioning Vladimir Putin… Listen below… […]

THE PHILOSINATOR with Arnold Schwarzenegger

January 1, 2017

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger did two things after a workout. First he punched a shower-head, then he recorded these episodes. “How can God make a rock so heavy even HE couldn’t lift it?” “How can there possibly be a God who […]