"America-Jesus" Takes on Satan - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

“America-Jesus” Takes on Satan

Then, the devil took America-Jesus in a helicopter up to a very high skyscraper, and showed him all of the cities of the United States.

Satan: All of this will I give you if you will only fall down and worship me!

America-Jesus: “Wow! Really?? Is that all I have to do?”

Satan: C’mon, don’t make me repeat myself…

America-Jesus:  If I own all of the kingdoms of the world, I can stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President… right?

Satan: Duh… of course that would Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

America-Jesus: (see links for verses)

Well, obviously I will do it! That is the only important consideration! What else could possibly come into play? Doing what is right no matter what and trusting God with the consequences? That sounds like bonafide loser talk!

Hillary’s policies could lead to Christians being persecuted! As it is written in scripture, Avoid persecution at all costs! (2 Pet. 2:19-21, U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A, Version)

We were not made for it and there was no example set by the original Jesus that suggests otherwise!

After all, winning in this world never comes into conflict with being faithful!

Taking up your cross has nothing to do with being faithful to your principles and trusting God regardless of the consequences! It is more about avoiding fatty foods and choosing to by less expensive bleacher seats at baseball games when you can afford skybox seats!

Satan: This isn’t even fun anymore…


Author’s Note: In humility I will say this article could be an exaggeration or even mistaken… or it could be onto something or at least make you think.

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