Atheist Causes of Trump: Proof - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Atheist Causes of Trump: Proof

Watching CNN tonight they act as if it is some revelation that Russia may have hacked the Democrats to help Trump. However, anyone should have recognized this from the start of the Russian hacking. It should have been obvious enough.

But why hasn’t everyone already accepted this if it is so obvious?

Atheism’s Unreasonable Standards of Knowledge

The anti-religious movement throughout history has propagated the idea that you have to prove something to rationally accept it. They have used, and perhaps needed this idea to attack & replace religion. The problem is that no one actually lives their life like that. It is unreasonable.

With this same logic you have been the people who defended the idea that we can’t say cigarettes cause cancer because, “correlation doesn’t prove causation.” Perhaps they finally do have the proof of causation now… but that is long after it is clear that cigarettes caused cancer.

In fact, my Dad used to tell me that when he was a kid (he is almost 70 now), they knew cigarettes caused cancer. They called them, “cancer sticks.”

This is a point we have tried to make during the life of this website. Expecting people to prove something before they believe it would mean that you could witness a murder but not believe you saw what you actually saw as long as the evidence was gone. This was behind our satire article, Popular Atheist Who Witnessed Unprovable Murder Sure He Didn’t Witness Murder.

A Major Hinderance in the Trump Resistance

This is something I have been planning to write about for a long time as it has been such a pattern in the 2016 campaign.

Over and over again Trump acted or said something that was extremely dangerous but you couldn’t *prove* he did it on purpose… you couldn’t prove he wasn’t joking when he asked Russia to hack a Secretary of State, you couldn’t prove Russia was trying to get Trump elected… you couldn’t prove Trump was a racist, you couldn’t prove almost all of the things that obviously indicated Trump should never have become President.

A Part of Our Culture

It’s not about an individual person. Certainly many Evangelicals supported Trump (though I wonder which Bible they are reading), but they have been benefitting from this atheist idea just as much.

Asking for unreasonable standards of proof is a part of our culture. It is a part that has been, as far as I can tell, put there through mans rejection of religion and many don’t even realize it is there.

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