Be Encouraged: Amazing Work By Our Pal Ryan Valdez - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Be Encouraged: Amazing Work By Our Pal Ryan Valdez

Juaquin was a former gang member saved by a similar youth center over some weights who after being saved reached Ryan at a youth center over some weights as well so they are 2 generations of what this type of ministry can do!

A new Youth Center in Rocklin, CA is starting up with apologist/youth pastor Ryan Valdez… and Christian evangelical hip-hop artist/youth pastor Juaquin Fabela (Modern Day Beast), that is going to be creating a positive enviroment for troubled/non-troubled youth to become the next leaders and world changers!

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“We appriciate any help towards our opening events and new construction, we want the youth to know they are worth excellence! – Follow our updates at Relentless Rescue on construction in our FIRE HOUSE location and check out our videos (always being updated) on apologetics, biblical studies, thoughts, new music, testamonies and event updates! If you live in northern cali and wanna check it out hit us up too for a tour! Thanks for any help towards the build of a place that will make our King more famous! Be blessed saints!”

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