Author of, "Believe Only What You Can Prove" Not Sure if he is Alive after Losing Photo ID - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Author of, “Believe Only What You Can Prove” Not Sure if he is Alive after Losing Photo ID

Accomplished author Joseph Manfred was seen wandering the streets yelling at strangers, “CAN YOU SEE ME?!” Sunday morning shortly after losing his Photo ID. A champion of believing only what you can prove, Manfred lost his photo-ID and then was not sure if he was alive at all.

Manfred, unsure if he was a ghost, and not wanting to scare his family, allegedly spent the night sleeping in the bushes in his backyard.

This comes shortly after another tragic experience where Manfred could not find his son’s birth certificate. Shortly after, he was shocked to find that a boy looking almost exactly like his son had broken into his home. Manfred became increasingly frustrated as this boy claimed to be his son. Manfred eventually called the police on the boy after being, “sick of his lies.”

Julie Manfred, questions Manfred’s motives, saying, “he keeps intentionally losing his wedding ring. Then, not believing he is married, takes out his GPS, and immediately sets it to navigate to the nearest strip club.”

Mr. Manfred was last seen taking intense notes while watching The Sixth Sense, The Ring, and Ghostbusters. His wife said,

“Until we get a replacement ID, we just have to accept that he thinks he may be a ghost… and by watching movies with ghosts, such as The Sixth Sense, Ghostbusters, or Casper the Friendly Ghost, he is trying to figure out how to communicate with the living.”


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