Man Realizes He is Spinning on Earth, Flies off Earth - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Man Realizes He is Spinning on Earth, Flies off Earth

42 year old Jason Billman knew that the earth was rotating at high speeds since he was in middle-school. But it wasn’t until August 28th, 2015 that he really started to think about it. It was a topic that interested him as he was an amateur scientist.

After spending about 10 to 15 minutes thinking about the fact that the earth was spinning at a high speed, he spontaneously flew off the earth and was shot into space.

Witnesses heard very loud springing sound they could only describe with the word, “boing!” and heard him yelling, “Why? What?! This is a really cool way to die!” as he flew off into space.

Dr. Shelia Hunte, astrophysicist from the University of Colorado explained,

“It’s like when you are walking on a bridge very high up and  people tell you not to look down. If you look down, you will lose your balance. The same thing goes with the earth’s rotation. Think about it too much and you will fly off with a loud cartoonish “boinging” sound. It’s a little known fact but that is just the way it is.”

Hunte explained that whenever Albert Einstein would think about the earth spinning, he knew to keep from flying off into space he had to duct-tape himself to the floor. Hunte concluded,

“This is another reminder to think responsibly. Don’t look like a fool… if you are going to start thinking about the motion of the earth you have to duct tape yourself to the ground.”

Billman’s family is expected to morn him with speeches from his family, friends, and a large spring that makes a, “boinging sound” to remember his last moments.

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