"Trump NOT Manipulated by Russian Spies" - New Trump Advisor, Bradomir Poutin - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

“Trump NOT Manipulated by Russian Spies” – New Trump Advisor, Bradomir Poutin

“Donald Trump never has been and never will be manipulated by Russian spies” said Trump’s newest advisor, Bradomir Poutin, speaking at a press conference outside his Kremlin office.

Trump has been under scrutiny since his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigned amidst attention to his troubling ties with Putin’s Ukraine Puppet, and the Trump campaign’s apparent push for a shift in the GOP platform on Ukraine.

Another Trump advisor named Michael Bradley Keleshnekov claims that Russia has no influence over Trump’s advisors,

“There is nothing unusual about presidential advisor checking with Kremlin to make sure it ok for him to go to the bathroom. Everyone is doing it these days,” said Keleshnekov.

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