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Professional Swindling: How Casinos Help Make Sense of Trump

During the campaign I visited a casino. It felt like the hotel & casino mogul, Donald Trump made more sense after that.

A scam

In a sense, the whole thing is a scam. You can’t beat the house… but the entire casino is crafted to convince you should keep giving them money thinking you can win. Thinking this is somehow a good bet.

The poor pay

Around casinos there are often closed businesses & sketchy looking areas. Perhaps a sign of the destruction the casino has brought to the area.

And you often gambling addicts all over. Stuck at the slot machines like they were frozen in time. The poor are the ones often most trapped by gambling addictions.


Casinos know how to manipulate people

Casinos hire psychologists & expert marketers. These people know human motivation. They know it is a scam, but they also are highly educated in how to keep it going.

This is where Trump comes from. Don’t underestimate him. As a Casino owner he must have learned these tactics & it seems like he knows how to use them.

The sickness of the scam

I had an epiphany while I was there. A lot of the machines were themed with cartoons. It honestly looked like they were made for four year olds. Why?



It seems to me this is the reason, in order to get people’s money they are trying to fulfill their unmet childhood needs. I told this to someone I know and she got goosebumps. They are playing on people’s deepest and most vulnerable needs in order to take their money. Sick. Effective. Horrible.

Same with the attention of a cocktail waitress… people are looking to have their deepest needs met. Love.

Fake promises

There are expensive looking chandeliers, expensive works of art, and other expensive looking things everywhere. They want people to believe they can have this wealth. There are special rooms for special customers, those with the most money.

bellagio artglass
Italian art glass at the Bellagio


There are photos of attractive looking women, and scantily dressed attractive women themselves walking around passing out drinks…

But it’s all a cleverly designed lie

All of this intention put into manipulating people. An entire phony world created for the sole purpose of robbing people of their hard earned money.

If you look at a lot of the people inside, they don’t look like the happy attractive models the pictures promise. They are often the most destitute troubled people. This is what is behind the facade. The poor being made poorer, the destitute becoming more destitute, the depressed becoming more depressed, and the addicted becoming more addicted. Not beauty and fame and happiness.

The mirage is gone and the lie is exposed. All you just have to go inside and look around to see it.

Like Trump, just taking a look at his past, or even the way he acted during the campaign we should see through the scam. It should be easy to expose him to everyone… why isn’t it more obvious to people?

Trump is like a casino

Like a casino Trump knows how to throw the lust of wealth and success in your face. He knows how to play to people’s deepest needs, he knows how to get people to open the wallet of their lives and bet it on him.

He promises wealth & success, but in the end trusting in him is like betting your savings at a casino gambling table. You won’t win in the end even if you go on a good run. The people always lose and the casino always wins.

And like a casino that swindles the poor so does Trump. Open up a casino what you find is not success but an instrument of bondage.

A building powered by destroyed lives and making the poor poorer. A building with an addict factory inside.

Trump isn’t stupid in all areas. His genius is manipulating people

We must not underestimate our adversaries. Trump not only has professional dictator advisors (who sharpened their skills over and over again), he also has the skills of a casino owner.

He knows how to manipulate people & surely has learned from brilliant psychologists & marketers how to do so. We shouldn’t underestimate his ability to manipulate people. But hopefully understanding part of where these skills come will be helpful.

We should also shine a light on the nature of these skills. I think we will find they are quite immoral and disturbing.

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