10 Reasons Christians Should Stand Against Islamophobia - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

10 Reasons Christians Should Stand Against Islamophobia

1. New Atheism Came from Blaming Islam for 9/11

“New Atheism,” began with Richard Dawkins publishing the God Delusion. It has changed our world and is likely related to your friends and family losing their faith. Blaming Islam for terrorism on 9/11 was the spark that ignited New Atheism.

As a direct result of the 9/11 attacks, the so called “New Atheism” movement was born and atheists began to be more vocal about our lack of belief…”

– Staks Rosch, Huffington Post

2. The Same Argument Will be Used Against Christianity

I don’t think the argument against Christianity is ultimately successful, but the same argument can easily be turned against Christians.

Why else do you think 9/11, perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, led to the most anti-Christian movement of our time?

I was watching a program on the KKK recently and before they light a cross on fire they say, “do you accept the light of Jesus Christ?” The KKK is an explicitly, “Christian” organization that is responsible for many acts of terrorism.

Furthermore there is a long list of horrible things Christianity has been used to justify throughout history. Colonialism, the Inquisition, American slavery (beyond horrible), and more. Keep in mind that these were not just the actions of a small minority (like ISIS), but almost entire, “Christian” cultures.

If we say terrorism proves that all Muslims cannot be trusted, what happens with Christians? There was far more widespread wickedness coming from Christians (in the name of Christianity) during many periods of history than there is with Islamic terrorism now.

3. We Make the Claim that You Can’t Judge a Whole Religion by the Actions of a Few

We end up looking like hypocrites if we make a point passionately and then just toss it a way as soon as it suits our purposes.

4. We Were Just Defending Religious Freedom

Wasn’t our argument that no matter how much a religion offends you, people have a right to their religion? The thing is that much of the country views Christianity in the same way that many Christians view Islam. They would rather sue you for your last penny if you won’t make a wedding cake.

How do we respond? “We have a right to religious liberty, even if you think it is crazy, bigotry, and intolerant.” And I completely agree. However, the minute you start talking about using legal means to go after Muslims you undercut that argument for everyone, including yourself.

While I don’t think we have faced up enough to our past in order to prevent more things like this, these actions were perversions of Christianity, not true Christianity. That is the same argument the Muslim is making.

5. Many Things are from the Devil

Believe it or not, despite writing this article, I think Islam is not from God but from the devil. But Christianity teaches a lot of things are from the devil,

“For many deceivers have gone out into the world,

those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh.

Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist.

(2 John 1:7, ESV)

That seems to say that spiritual teachers who are not a Christians are from the devil. A lot of the movies coming from hollywood act like religious people are all stupid and ignorant, I believe those are probably from the devil too.

6. Would You be Fueling Anti-Semitism in the early 1900s?

Many of us have said, “if I were in Europe before WWII, I would stand against anti-semitism!” To say that you actually have to have beliefs that being born in that culture you would have arrived at. If you hold the, “Christian” arguments for Islamophobia, you probably would have been fueling the anti-semitism that led to the holocaust.

Martin Luther, the great theologian, wrote a book called, “The Jews and Their Lies.” Being one of Germany’s all time great heroes, it may have been one of the things that led to the holocaust.

I haven’t read the whole thing but the interesting thing about it from what I read is that if we really thought about it, I don’t think most Christians would disagree with many of his statements about modern day Judaism.

After all, Judaism, like Islam, pretends to be the true religion. They pretend to have the truth about Isreal’s God. They are a religion that denies the sacrifice and divinity of Christ. They are a political religion based on the actual physical state of Israel. They don’t have Jesus to tell them that the kingdom is now nonphysical and spiritual. The Jewish bible is filled with statements justifying conquering people in the name of their religion. 

7. You Should Restrain Yourself in a Culture Where Bigotry is a Problem

“I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial.

(1 Cor. 10:23, NIV emphasis added)

While you may have thought Judaism is from the devil in the early 1900s, if Twitter was around in the early and you kept tweeting about it, or if you made it a point to spread that message, you may actually have been partly responsible for the holocaust.

8. Islamophobia is an Epidemic

Islamophobia has exploded since modern terrorism, and even more so in the last year or two.

9. Because of Social Media It’s Not the World it was a Few Years ago

People often underestimate the effects of rapid cultural change. They only realize they have been blindsided by it when it is too late. I imagine that’s how a lot of people felt after the printing press was invented. People don’t realize just how revolutionary social media is and how it is changing society.

If you don’t believe me, watch this video (created originally for businesspeople) on social media,


10. Twitter is Quietly Turning Society Islamophobic

Twitter, unlike Facebook, is completely anonymous for many people. But like Facebook, it reaches millions of people every single day. And it is a haven for anti-Islamic bigotry. People actually seem surprised if someone who isn’t a liberal stands up to it. Here are just a few examples that I have run across.





islamophobia 1000


genocide tweet censored

Yep, the last one was censored because it suggested genocide of all Muslims. This isn’t just any culture. It isn’t the culture of ten years ago. Islamophobia is a real problem, and a dangerous one. In this culture it may be true to say Islam is from the devil, but it is not wise or right to go around yelling that in this culture. U.S. anti-semitism in the 1900s, while it never directly caused a genocide, is one reason Hitler wasn’t stopped sooner.

Now is the Time

The great thing about living in a difficult time is that you get to really show your faith, courage, and bravery. If the things that were said in this blog post were correct, Christians should stand against Islamophobia. We need to learn the lessons of the past and not let Muslims be lumped together with terrorists as we did with Judaism in the early 1900s.

Yes, it was explicitly Christian nations that let that happen. The churches were almost completely silent until it was too late. But remember, it was always the prophets going against the rest of the religious people that were doing God’s will. It is often the lonely road, the narrow path where God is found.

Don’t let our culture tell you what the truth is. Now is the to be that voice you wish there were more of in the past. Now is the time to stand for the principles of religious freedom and against religious stereotyping.

Now is the time to oppose the same false principles that are weapons in the hands of atheism. To stand up like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Christian theologian who risked his life to save Jewish people during WWII, and defended those he believed were in a false religion, because he believed God would want him to do.

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