Trump's 3am Tweet Fail: "The Constitution is for Pussies" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump’s 3am Tweet Fail: “The Constitution is for Pussies”

After Donald Trump’s muslim/travel ban was rejected by the 9th circuit court, Trump lashed out in a late night tweet.

The 9th circuit court judges voted against reinstating Trump’s ban while repeatedly referencing the consitution and American values…

Furious and running out of cocaine… Trump responded…



Trump advisors also quoted Trump as saying, “who needs the foundational principles of America when you are ruled by an abusive male? It just doesn’t make sense. Wtf.”

This comes after Trump has repeatedly challenged symbols of American values and the values themselves… (see below for more)

TRUMP: I Like Countries That Were Never Colonized


This is obviously satire.

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