A Dictator's Dream: Discredit the "MSM" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

A Dictator’s Dream: Discredit the “MSM”

Propaganda that “Reinvents Reality”

Doug Frantz says Russian propaganda tries to, “reinvent reality.” Trump has done the same often peddling blatant falsehoods.

The Media: Exposes Reality

Clearly when someone is trying to reinvent reality it won’t work if you have a reliable source that says otherwise. If Hitler denies he just invaded Poland and a New York Times reporter says otherwise, I know Hitler is lying.

No wonder that the official page for the US Embassy in Berlin titles one of their talks, “The Best Defense Against Disinformation: Professional Reporting.” The media is a defense against the world’s conmen who try to deceive us.

A Discredited Media Leaves the People Powerless

Who can stop someone who can reinvent reality as they please? And how can the media expose the truth if they aren’t trusted?

Media Can Be Reliable on Reporting Facts AND Have Bias

It is actually pretty much impossible to eliminate all bias from any human being or organization. And popular media does have some bias. As a Christian, I haven’t been able to ignore the bias against my own faith in the media. Something I praise New York Times Reporter Nicholas Kristof for taking a stand against (see, it’s not so black & white).

I also know that a reliable source like the the Associated Press or the New York Times won’t just report something that didn’t happen. They have extremely high standards for truth in reporting. When someone says the AP reported X, Y, Z, you should believe it unless you have real evidence against it. There are very rare instances where

Stop Using the Term MSM

That lumps all the media together as if they were the same thing. As much as America’s media is faulty, we have extremely reliable sources such as the Associated Press or the New York Times.

The “MSM” has become a derogatory term, almost like a slur. Using it just plays into the hands of people like Putin & Trump who want to discredit the American press so they can feel free to reinvent reality at our expense. It is something I’ve used in the past but I’ve realized I should stop.

Don’t play into their hands, stop using the term.

We’re Fortunate We Have Reliable Media

In Putin’s Russia they just kill you if you try to expose the truth about Putin.  The photo at the beginning is a protest with pictures of Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist killed by Putin’s regime.

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