Study: Emails More Dangerous Than Untreated Psychopathy - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Study: Emails More Dangerous Than Untreated Psychopathy

A new study by Stanford’s Societal Research lab found that emails, and anyone who is at all deceptive about which emails they sent, are more dangerous than the evil character in any movie.

Stanford’s research lab studied over 2,000 test subjects over a four month period and found that people using private email servers “were far more likely to kill their fellow study participants with their bare hands.

Researchers also noted that if they used these emails against the advice of their employer, they should be hung for treason.

If any of them might have lied about their use of emails, Stanford professors quickly shot them on the spot because anyone who has ever lied about anything is a piece of garbage not worthy of life.

Untreated psychopaths in the test, however, donated all of their money to other study participants while making it clear that if you elected them President they would, “totally not blow up the world.”

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