How America's Civil War of Partizan Politics CAN End - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

How America’s Civil War of Partizan Politics CAN End

It has been pretty painful to go on Twitter recently. Bickering rage and bitter anger coming from Democrats and Republicans is the order of the day… actually the year.

In the last few months I have taken pics a whole host of insane tweets from liberals and conservatives that are extremely inflammatory. The further left the liberals go, the further right the conservatives go.

Both sides are sure the other is stupid and foolish.

That is Not Debate. It is Warfare.

One person wins, another loses… or more accurately, both lose… for neither is willing to give an inch. It is an unending cycle, sort of like the Israelis and the Palestinians.

How to Stop the War


Blaise Pascal…

Was one of the most brilliant minds of all time, and he was especially good at persuasion. Here’s his advice…

“When we wish to correct with advantage and to show another that he errs, we must notice from what side he views the matter, for on that side it is usually true, and admit that truth to him, but reveal to him the side on which it is false.” – Blaise Pascal

To get anywhere with someone you have to first admit what they are correct about.

The problem in our culture is that both sides belittle the other in what they are correct about.

Then, the person, understandably, feels furious at this treatment, and becomes even more hardened. The thing is that both sides need to recognize is that this happens to both sides… just at different times.

If we don’t I fear that we will just have a never ending war. Destroying each other and the country.

Both Conservatives and Liberals Make Fair Points on Hot-Button Issues (see below)

I truly mean it. I am not saying this to try to persuade people of any specific viewpoint. Here is my view on the fair points  coming from each party for specific hot-button issues. You may disagree on them and that is OK, but let us discuss like fellow Americans and not enemies at war.

1. San Bernardino & Gun Control


Fair Point Coming from Liberals: We all seem to agree that suspected terrorists should not be allowed on planes. It doesn’t make sense to allow these same people to have guns. Suspected terrorists having guns poses a threat to our national security.

Fair Point Coming from Conservatives: Taking away guns from some people could be a slippery slope. It could legally undermine the protection of gun ownership.

2. Syria


Fair Point Coming from Conservatives: Syria is not just any country, they have an army at war with us. We have no way of telling who is in ISIS. Therefore, letting in Syrian refugees is very dangerous to our national security.

Fair Point Coming from Liberals: Something that makes us great is our acceptance of refugees. There is the greatest refugee crisis on hand since WWII. It definitely feels like we need to help. Also, as for the war in Syria, sending ground troops could backfire help ISIS grow even more.

3. Islam


Fair Point Coming from Liberals: The hatred against all Muslims is growing exponentially recently due in part to comments from people like Donald Trump. Muslims then feel outcast and persecuted. This seems to be the thing that ISIS needs to exploit people to join ISIS. America stands for its religious freedom and calling that into question is a slippery slope. Also, there are radicals in virtually all religions and worldviews.

Fair Point Coming from Conservatives: The Koran seems to make it easy to justify Islam being political religion centered around a Muslim state. At the least this seems to be something we need to talk about. People have accused Christianity of this and we have a conversation about it at least.

4. Gay Marriage/Religious Freedom



Fair Point Coming from Conservatives: It is not right to sue a person and destroy their business because they will not violate their conscience. There are plenty of bakeries willing to make a gay wedding cake. It is wrong to sue us for thousands of dollars because we have a different view on marriage.

Fair Point Coming from Liberals: People have the right to freedom in the US. It really seems to violate that right when we say that two men who are attracted to each other can not get married.

If Dr. No Can Say, “Yes,” We CAN Come Together

I think we will see there are fair points on both sides. We actually have a chance to compromise. Believe it, it can happen. If Dr. No can say yes, (see video) liberals and conservatives can compromise.

As I see it we can choose war or peace. Anyone one who has seen war will tell you the horrors it brings. We must choose peace.

Or Everyone Will Lose


People seem to think that if they want to get anything done, they have to be even more radical and more committed to not compromising. As

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

We cannot function as a country until we are listening to each other and treating each other like human beings.

Warfare works when you have a weak enemy. However, both conservatives and liberals have about half the country that supports them. A war like that is either unwinnable or it will have an enormous cost on everyone to fight.

The first people who refuse to get angry and bitter will be fought back against, but they need to be persistent.

I understand the frustration coming from both sides, but please, let us lay down our (verbal) weapons. If we don’t nothing will get done and we will all lose.


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  1. This is the need of the hour.The Conservatives think whatever they say is truth and liberals will say exactly the opposite.At present US needs compromises on both the sides to tackle the important issues like Syrian Crisis, Gay Marriages, Islam issue, Terrorism and religious issues.Both sides dhould come and sit together and find solutions best for US people and the Country.The problems should not be seen through the Prism but find solutions that will promote peace and progress.

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