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How Conservative Evangelicals Can Vote Against Trump (6 Rarely Heard Reasons)


1. Trump may seriously harm the reputation of Christians in the US

We have already seen this happen to the Republican party. Trump has turned off unprecedented numbers of people from the Republican party, the data shows it.

What will happen with at least four years of him using the name of Christianity? How many people will reject Christianity as a result? Is abortion the big thing to be avoided, and making choices that result in more people not being saved, not?

2. Trump may destroy the GOP’s commitment to conservative values

If you are a conservative Christian, the GOP is the only viable party that holds a conservative view on gay marriage, abortion, and religious liberty. However, there is a good chance Trump doesn’t care about those things himself. There are already signs his presidency would turn GOP away from caring about these issues.

A Standing Ovation

The nominating convention of Donald Trump was the first time in history that saw gay pride get a standing ovation. Conservative evangelicals believe that homosexual behavior is not something to be proud of. This was shocking, and it happened at Trump’s convention… perhaps because Trump needed Theil to help fund it.

However, the audience, many of them Trump’s delegates, and Donald Trump’s own family gave Peter Theil’s, “I am proud to be gay,” comments a standing ovation. I noticed on Twitter Donald Trump Jr., “loved” a post about Theil’s “historic” speech on Twitter. What does that say about what Trump’s GOP would look like?

A bad friend can do more damage than a strong enemy

Think about it. Hillary Clinton can not destroy the GOP’s commitment to it’s own values. With her favorability ratings she may actually serve to turn more people away from Democratic Party values.

However, an insider, the “standard bearer” of the Republican Party, can do a lot of damage where it hurts the most, inside the GOP itself.

3. Trump may destroy the GOP itself

After losing the last election, the GOP learned it must do better with minority groups and young people. Many of these people are the most horrified at Trump’s campaign. There is a real question if the GOP will survive because of Trump’s campaign.

4. Trump may destroy Christian’s Commitments to Christian Morality

  • Trump gained popularity while being the symbol of lust… so much so that he was satirized as “Biff Tannen” who ran, “Biff Tannen’s pleasure paradise” in Back the Future II. Lust draws people away from God.
  • His constant lying.
  • People immitate the President. And if he has passionate Christian supporters he will turn many people into acting like him.

5. It is only 4 years

Sometimes candidates exaggerate the effects of one election. This makes sense as they want you to be motivated to take the time and energy to go vote for them. Salespeople know a feeling of urgency helps make the deal. However, despite what many people say, I do not believe it will be the end of the world if a conservative doesn’t get elected this year.

The United States has one of the best systems in the world where the people get to choose again in four years. There has always been a peaceful transfer of power in the US since George Washington. There will be consequences if you don’t get the candidate you want but you get another shot in just a few years.

6. Biblical warnings about people like Trump

There are a number verses in the bible that seem to warn about people just like Trump. The warnings include things like, “destruction” in this this verse, “pride goes before destruction,” (Proverbs 16:18, NIV). Do we take these seriously? They are in the bible after all. If it says we should expect ruin if we elect Trump, we should expect ruin if we elect Trump… right? And it seems to say that about Trump.

Our video below contrasts some of these verses with things Donald Trump has said and done. Certainly there are times when people get away with (in this life anyway) skirting God’s moral law, but these are the exceptions not the rules. I challenge you to watch this video if you take the bible seriously.

Note: While I am a Christian I don’t claim to be a conservative Christian (or a liberal one for that matter). Yet I think conservative Christians are missing some very important considerations that would help them make the most informed decisions. That is why I wrote this post.

I also would like to point out that the purpose of this post wasn’t to show all of or the best reasons for Evangelicals not to vote Trump, but just some reasons people don’t seem to be talking about.

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