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Fear in Election 2016: A Prophetic Dream?

Someone I know shared a dream with me that she believed was from God relating to the 2016 election cycle. Of course, I am not putting this out there as if I know this was from God for sure. Feel free to make up your own mind about it.

I am not completey sure what it means so if you have an idea, feel free to leave it in the comments section. Praying for an interpretation seems to be what the bible reccomends.

Here it is…

She saw demons in her dream. But they were tiny. They were also powerless. They couldn’t lay a hand on people. However they did have one power: fear. They could try to make people afraid. And when they made people afraid they started to get bigger. And the bigger they got the scarier they looked. They were powerless, but their only power was making us afraid.

Here is my thought of what it means: a lot of the power of people like Trump comes from their ability to make people afraid. Take off the mask and what do you have? A man obviously lying. But if you are scared enough you can’t think straight.

But in our effort to oppose him do we make things worse because we make people afraid of him? Are we making him bigger than he is by fear? I don’t know the answers to these questions… just thinking out loud. Again feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. What the dream describes is a reinforcing feedback loop. The more people become afraid, the more powerful the demons become, which enable them to make people even more afraid, and so on. It’s not the demons or the fear, so much as the feeding off of each other that makes it so dangerous.

    I associate such feedback loops with vortexes, and I have been watching a vortex form in real time since the reaction to Obama’s election; though, in truth, it likely goes back much further. About the Tea Party (remember them), I used to say: the crazier they get the crazier they get.

    Oddly enough, I get visions, and through a vision, I could see that the vortex was conjuring up something. When Trump showed up, I knew he was the personification of the vortex. I wondered what we could do to keep from getting swallowed up by the vortex. I had no answer, and that was where my foresight ended. I could see no further.

    Now we have been swallowed by the vortex. So, I can identify with the dream; it is very analogous to my vision and my perception of the unfolding social phenomenon of Trump and the rise of an American version of fascism.

    In systems science, reinforcing feedback loops are inherently destabilizing. They lead the system to completely collapse or become transformed into a new state at equilibrium. In the latter case, you might say that a new state “emerges” as a result of the systems dynamics.

    It is pretty clear that Trump is a narcissistic sociopath. No place could be better for a narcissist that the center of a vortex, where everything comes to him. And like the dark center of a vortex, sociopaths have nothing but an empty hole in the center of their hearts.

    I believe the dream indicates that we are projecting the current situation, and the personality embodied in Trump is an amplifier of American fear, hatred and ignorance. The antidote for fear is courage; for hatred it’s love; for ignorace it’s truth. But how do we administer the antidote at the population or country level?

    Maybe the country needs a Grand Exorcist, like Catholics did in Mexico–though it hasn’t seemed to have work for Mexico, at least not yet. If not an actual exorcist with crucifixes and holy water, some kind of symbolic, cathartic ritual that absorbs, transmutes, or banishes these forces may be needed.

    I have no idea what that would look like or who could do such a thing. But I am quite serious that some kind of genuinely evil delusion is hovering over America and the world lately. This is where fighting against principalities seems to come in. What do y’all think?

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