Supremacist Watch: Even Grammar-Nazis Endorse Trump - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Supremacist Watch: Even Grammar-Nazis Endorse Trump

The part of me that cares about grammar is appalled with Trump, but the part of me that’s a Nazi is overjoyed,” said Stacy Perkinson, head of the American Grammar Nazi Party (AGNP).

More Traditional Nazis like the KKK and the much more specific “Southern White Men in Red Minivans Who Hate Black People (SWMMWHBP)” have long expressed support for Trump, but now even less traditional Nazi’s have shown support for him.

The American Grammar Nazi Party, in a large stadium filled with swastikas¬†and .;!”()’s, is planning to endorse Donald Trump for President this evening.

When they announce their endorsement, the entire crowd is expected to raise their arms, and give what they call a, “forward slash salute” to Trump while yelling, “heil Punctuator!”

We have tried to reach out to other members of the AGNP to confirm but instead of answering our questions they sent us our emails back with red marks to correct our grammar errors.


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