Trump: "Bigot Hillary has tiny orange hands!" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump: “Bigot Hillary has tiny orange hands!”

“Not only is Hillary Clinton a bigot, she has an orange complexion and tiny hands,” said Donald Trump just a moment ago.

“Hillary Clinton is so orange she literally looks like a carrot,” Trump continued.

Trump then read from a piece of paper with everything that proves Hillary is unfit to be President,

  1. Hillary Clinton obviously has some kind of ego problem as she puts her name on the side of so many buildings.
  2. Hillary Clinton is crooked… this is absolutely proven by the fact that
    1. Even in public cases, Hillary refuses to pay contractors for her strangely titled, “Trump” businesses.
    2. Hillary Clinton refuses to release her tax returns.
    3. Hillary Clinton’s health is highly suspect… her doctor appears to be lying about it and also a drug addict.
    4. Hillary Clinton is literally right now on trial for fraud for her “Hillary University”
    5. She went after the race of the judge on Hillary University
    6. Her dad was in the KKK
    7. David Duke, the famous KKK leader is making robo calls for her

Trump then put down the piece of paper and spoke frankly,

“Look… we can all disagree politically. It is really all fun an games compared to electing a tiny handed orange megalomaniac. Truly selfish and wicked people exist. Look at history…

“We are so naive, however, that we assume if someone like Hillary can run a business (even though often into the ground) and have a nice smile and a loud voice, they couldn’t possibly be one of these people.”

“Hillary Clinton, is an orange skinned tiny handed crooked, bigoted, unhealthy maniac who could literally destroy our country,” Trump concluded.

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