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Trump & Blackmail: A Failure of Imagination

“The most important failure… [which led to the attacks] was one of imagination.”

– The 9/11 Commission Report

Most people in government didn’t think such a world shattering and never before seen idea like taking down two buildings in NYC with airplanes could happen. I wonder if it was too out there, too extreme, for people to be prepared for. Perhaps they didn’t let themselves imagine that something so out of the norm could be true.

Never Before Seen Things Happen

People are accustomed to laughing off and treating with disdain rare events. It works 99% of the time. By definition, rare things don’t happen very often. But sometimes 9/11’s do happen, and those people who think they are so wise are shown to be fools playing the numbers game.

Is Trump Being Blackmailed by Russia?: This Must be Asked

Many people think they are wise by laughing this possibility off or restraining from asking if it is true. They are simply playing the numbers game. They have no way of knowing it is false, yet they think because 99% of the time the President isn’t manipulated by a foreign power they are wise to consider this an absurd theory. This is just playing the numbers game and intellectually absurd. It is, in fact, gambling with our safety. It isn’t enough to claim that rare dramatic events are absurd to believe. You have to take a look at the evidence.

Blackmail & Trump: What is the News Media Afraid Of?

Getting sued by Trump? Being unfair? Or maybe they are playing the numbers game too, and don’t realize it. They are gambling with our safety by not asking the question more often. We deserve an answer. As American’s we also should demand near 100% certainty that our President is free.

The news media must ask the question: is Trump owned or manipulated by Russia, and this question must be taken seriously.

Why the Question Must be Taken Seriously

I shouldn’t even have to argue this with all of the publicly available evidence on the table. Take just a few facts below…

  • This is such a credible theory that it was presented to (at the time) President Obama and President elect-Trump by the intelligence community. (source)
  • The Trump administration has repeatedly lied about Russian contacts and meetings even to the point of perjuring themselves (Jeff Sessions).
  • Vladimir Putin likely knows a lot more about this than the American public, meaning that he can use this information to blackmail Trump, a common Russian tactic.
  • Even the small chance that an American President is being blackmailed by a foreign adversary could reasonably be said as a just cause for impeachment.
  • Vladimir Putin is known for attempting to gain blackmail quality material on Americans in positions of power.

Many other things can be added to this list such as the strange way Trump acts towards NATO and Putin. If he looks like a puppet and acts like a puppet we must ask if he is a puppet or being blackmailed or manipulated.

Americans Must Demand to Know if Their President is Free

American’s have every right to ask and demand an answer to this question. The media must ask until we have certainty or near certainty that the President isn’t being blackmailed. Even if it were a small chance we must know if we don’t want to gamble with American safety and democracy.

And I see no reason to think this is a huge longshot. Trump looks and acts exactly how we would expect someone being blackmailed to look and act. A refusal to ask the question is a ‘failure of imagination,’ and a refusal to demand an answer is the failure to take American safety seriously.

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