ISIS CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY for Latest Trump Comments - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub


ISIS is claiming responsibility after Donald Trump’s latest comments.

During Trump’s economic policy speech this week, he outlined an agenda which included building bridges, monuments, and skyscrapers in order to, “throw Muslims off the top.”

Immediately after Trump’s comments, ISIS received a total of ten million dollars in donations from Muslims who Trump just convinced that Islam is at war with the west.

A senior ISIS official reported that,

“Trump’s radical comments have served to turn more people into terrorists than our promises for three-boobed virgins ever could (ISIS has recently resorted to promising terrorists that they will get an extra boob on their 72 virgins if they sign up for direct deposit).

The ISIS official continued,

“Due to all of the donations Donald Trump has inspired, I am pleased to announce that senior ISIS officials can finally afford to offer free wifi in their caves and to go to hijab-less bars!”


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