KKK Still Supporting the, "Least Racist Person You Will Ever Meet" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

KKK Still Supporting the, “Least Racist Person You Will Ever Meet”

“The KKK is no longer a racist organization, we just never disbanded because, while we stopped hating black people, we kept hating spending time apart,” said KKK leader Johnathan Dalton.

Dalton fervently defends Donald Trump’s claim to be the, “least racist person you will ever meet.

Dalton argued that the KKK was never really a racist organization, saying,

“most people throughout history only joined the KKK because we made the best lemonade.

Dalton said he was endorsing Trump because, “Donald Trump is reinvigorating America’s deep seated hatred for bad lemonade!

Dalton continued,

“This is why David Duke said it is treason to our heritage not to support him. Dalton then demonstrated his heritage by chugging KKK lemonade and doing the traditional KKK, “lynching black people dance.”

Dalton concluded that there is just too much misinformation about the KKK out there,

“most of us are just in it because we like good lemonade, the soothing screams of a strangling minority, and roasting marshmallows on a burning cross!

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