Starving African Believes New Age, "Law of Attraction" Has Exception Clause for Starving Africans - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Starving African Believes New Age, “Law of Attraction” Has Exception Clause for Starving Africans

If you just focus your positive thoughts on something, says the New Age, “Law of Attraction,” you will attract that thing to you. “But I think about food all the time… I am starving after all. It doesn’t seem to be attracting to me.” said Joseph Mibutu.

“The fabric of the universe appears to have some sort of cosmic fine-print that excludes starving Africans specifically,” said Mibutu.

Author of the best selling book on the Law of Attraction, “The Secret,” Rhonda Byrne, responded, “This starving man must be doing it wrong, didn’t anyone tell him that he needs to think about food?”

In response to this issue, Byrne is planning a world tour to help starving people. To do this she plans to invite thousands of starving people to stadiums to eat huge meals in front of them. She will then invite these people to think positive thoughts about food.

Then, said Byrne, “we pack up the thousands of pounds of food used in our demonstrations, and without feeding a single person, leave without feeling any guilt, knowing that food will soon come to them through the wonderful Law of Attraction.”


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