The Faith of the, "President" of the Underground Railroad - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

The Faith of the, “President” of the Underground Railroad

Levi coffin faith apologetics meme

Levi Coffin Faith

This is an example of how faith can help people do great things. Levi Coffin was nicknamed the “President” of the Underground railroad and is reported to have saved thousands of runaway slaves. The image has quotes in his own words from his book, “The Reminisces of Levi Coffin.”

Here is another relevant quote from that book…

“I often assisted the poor and destitute among the free colored people of our city, visiting the sick and afflicted among them who seemed to be neglected by the white people, and was often accused by those who were prejudiced against colored people, of thinking more of the colored race than I did of the white. To such accusations I generally replied that I was no respecter of color or race, that the negroes had souls equally as precious as ours, that Christ had died for them as well as for us, and that we were all alike in the divine sight.”

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