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A Psychologist’s Study of Manipulative People: Extremely Helpful in Explaining & Combating Trump

Seeking to understand Trump I ran across some fascinating posts by a psychologist about manipulative people. These were not written with Donald Trump in mind but seem to perfectly explain him (here is one example, on Gaslighting).

The Psychologist Who Specializes in Manipulative People

It turns out these posts were by Dr. George Simon, an internationally-recognized expert on psychological manipulators. Check out this excerpt from a more recent post and you will probably see why I felt this was so helpful for understanding Trump…


“Disturbed characters love to shift the focus, blame others, evade issues, offer justifications, etc. – anything to avoid addressing and correcting the behaviors of concern. And they also like to get into a game of personal vindication, incessantly trying to make it look like you’re just trying to tear them down, and in turn trying to cut you down to size by outing your faults.” (full post)

Commenting on Trump Directly

I wanted to see if he directly commented on Donald Trump. He does. I couldn’t find if he said anything about Trump being specifically “manipulative,” but he definitely commented on Trump being a narcissist (though I think both go hand in hand).He told Vanity Fair,

“He’s so classic, that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops, because there’s no better example of his characteristics… Otherwise, I would have had to hire actors and write vignettes. He’s like a dream come true.”

More posts by Dr. Simon That Can Help Us Understand Trump…

Lying: The Ultimate Manipulation Tactic

Understanding Rationalization: Making Excuses as an Effective Manipulation Tactic

Habitual Liars and Their Agendas

Conclusion: We Should Do More Research

Experts, random bloggers, anyone… should study this further & write about it. We should compare what Dr. Simon says about manipulators with Trump, and look at what he says about how to deal with them. His books also have more info. This area seems really ripe with information that can help Trump’s opposition to get the edge & win the psychological war Trump is waging.

It used to be everyone would have to rely on journalists or major sites to do this stuff but now we can do it too. If we combine our time & talents, even small blogs out there can make a big difference.

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  1. It has seemed obvious from the beginning to anyone actually listening to his words that Trump is a classic narcissist. It really is all about him. The hyper-sensitive ego, the inability to focus on issues, the vindictive nature, and the need to win at all costs. No wonder his wife wants to stay in New York. A brilliant escape plan for her. It certainly will be interesting watching his presidency. Kind of like watching a train wreck; it’s awful, but you just can’t turn away.

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