Militant Atheism's Hypocrisy Problem in 8 Points - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Militant Atheism’s Hypocrisy Problem in 8 Points

I am not going after all atheists, my claim is against militant atheists because there are more humble atheists than militant atheists as there are more humble Christians than radical fundamentalist Christians.

Though many non militant atheists may identify with some of these views. I am not calling you hypocritical if you do. However, I would urge you to examine the consistency of these views if you do hold some of them.

There are a number of widely held core beliefs and actions among the militant atheist community that are hypocritical. See below…

1. Proof

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: You can only believe something you can prove… it is literally crazy to believe in things which you cannot prove. It is fantasy.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: You can’t prove that there is no God. But it is rational to believe there is no God.

2. Black and White Thinking

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: Religious people see things in black and white, while in reality there are many shades of gray.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: There are two groups of people, religious people and non-religious people. Religious people are irrational, foolish, emotionally needy, and gullible. We on the other hand are rational, enlightened, intelligent, and intellectually humble truth seekers (<- black and white thinking).

3. Sophistry

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: Religious people use wordplay and other tricky techniques to hide the rationally suspect nature of their views.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: Atheism is defined as… or we have recently re-defined it as, “the lack of belief in God.”

Since it is just a lack of belief and technically not a belief itself, we can therefore hold it without having to give evidence for it.

We don’t have to give reasons for our belief that there is no God because of the way we have defined atheism.

Did I mention we don’t actually assert that there is no God? This way we don’t have to give evidence or reason for our belief.

And atheism is just the default position so we can just take it for granted without needing to have evidence or argument for it.

Oh, and believers in God, unlike people who believe that there is no God do have to give evidence and arguments for their positions.

This is because they have a “belief,” in debates, we don’t even admit that we believe there is no God. Of course not, because this belief would require rational justification.

We simply “lack a belief,” keeping us immune from resting our belief on reason and evidence. Did I mention that religion is irrational because it cannot rest itself on reason and evidence?

4. Open-mindedness

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: You should always be openminded to other viewpoints.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: You should not be openminded about religion, it is just as obviously false as Santa Claus is. People who differ in opinion with you about human sexuality, abortion, or religious freedom are not just wrong, they are bigots, hypocrites, and stupid. Did we mention that you must respect people even though you disagree with them?

5. Scholarship

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: We must respect what the experts in academia tell us, even if it challenges our most deeply held beliefs, we must not desperately hold on to them.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: Even though the, “Conflict Thesis” of science and religion is totally dead among historians of science, we assert the opposite anyway, saying that science and religion are in perpetual conflict.

Also, some of us say philosophers don’t really do anything of value, so when they say that science cannot give us all knowledge we don’t have to listen.

6. Unfalsifiable Hypothesis

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, therefore, we don’t have to justify belief that there is no God

Inconsistent Belief/Action: The hypothesis that there is no God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis. No matter what miracle you saw you could always blame it on your biology or contend that it was an illusion. You could, as I heard one atheist suggest he would do, just think he went crazy if he saw a miracle. However, it is still rational to believe there is no God.

7. Culture

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: You should respect all cultures and what they bring to the table.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: Religion is often a big part of a culture but does not deserve your respect. Unless of course (according to some of us) it is Buddhism… or everything other than Christianity.

8. Being Judgmental

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: Religious people are judgmental.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: Religious people are judgemental, hypocrtical, irrational, believing in fairy tales from a need for their “sky daddy,” because of their deep insecurity and psychological problems. This is in no way judgmental.


Militant atheism seems to have a serious hypocrisy problem. And it is extremely dangerous to just sit back and let an influential group just cut itself off from all criticism. Radical forms of religion can be dangerous and hypocritical, but how foolish would we be to never call them out.

How foolish would we be to just think that atheism is immune to fundamentalism? Militant atheism, as even some atheists themselves have implied, is a fundamentalist movement. As such it can be highly dangerous. Society shouldn’t be forced to accept religious beliefs but they also shouldn’t be forced to accept the assumptions and beliefs of radical atheism.

Teaching that faith is irrational in a classroom or public university is just as much a teacher pushing their beliefs on the classroom as it would be if they told the class that they all needed to believe in God. Why is the former commonly accepted and the latter condemned?

This isn’t more obvious to people for one reason… militant atheism is currently in style. Christianity, is, at least in the media, is not. To put it more precisely, its assumptions pervade our culture and people just take them for granted. Many of the assumptions I outlined in the 8 points are part of our culture. The rational inconsistency of these beliefs would be more obvious if it weren’t for our culture.

Sociologists have likened culture to a fish in water. It is all around you and effects everything about your beliefs but you don’t realize how it effects you. You don’t even notice it. Radicalism and fundamentalism come in all forms and it would be a huge mistake to just say that a group of people such as militant atheists, are completely immune to being fundamentalists. This article, whether it angers people or not, my hope is that it makes people notice the form of fundamentalism in our culture that goes by the name of, “militant atheism.”

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