Trump Shocks Again: Muslims "Not Technically People" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Trump Shocks Again: Muslims “Not Technically People”

A few moments ago Trump was asked a question about the rights of Muslims citizens living in the US and his response was, “that is an unfair question. I have many Muslim friends.”

When pressed further about the rights of Muslims, Trump said, “okay, I’ll tell you straight, Muslims are not, technically speaking, “people” in the same sense as you and I.”

Britt Hume, who was interviewing Trump looked shocked for a moment, then composed himself, and asked Trump what he meant.

Trump replied,

“Under any standard definition of a person you have to be someone who can think… OK? You think Muslims think the same way you and I do? They have their own thought process filled with whatever… I don’t know… so no, they are not… “people” in the same way you and I are… technically…


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