The New Freethought is Free from Secular Dogma - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

The New Freethought is Free from Secular Dogma

Free-thinking no longer primarily means doubting religion.

As it was with the church in the Middle Ages, society is again filled with dogma, but now it comes not from the church, but the authorities of our own culture.

The atheist authors mocking religion are just as smug (and irrational) as the Popes were in the Middle Ages.

Society itself is permiated with all sorts of unjustified assumptions tailored toward the atheist view yet no more than dogma. Dogma.

Question a cultural maxim like, “religion is irrational,” or, “you can only believe what you can prove,” and people think it absurd. No wonder. You have become a heretic.

Let’s break away from a culture of dogmatic beliefs and again, as a society, pursue free-thought.

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