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New Social Media Site to add 5 More Layers of Bullshit to Society

“Now you can ask someone you just met at a party to cosign a home loan with you,” said the CEO of, “Manüre,” a trendy new social media site. Manüre allows you to find people who barely know you and ask them to help you move, watch your house while you are away, or be your alibi in a criminal trial.

Manüre developers expect that they will soon complete software that allows your baby pictures to become the cell phone wallpaper of strangers, “and all of this without their consent!” said Manüre’s chief publicist, Richard (“Rich”) Whitegye.

Whitegye concluded, “this innovative new social media site will advance society to new heights. From now on, not a single mother will be unable to broadcast her baby pictures into the homes of strangers.”

Manüre is expected to drop in the fall as long as everything goes as planned and they consume the Apple’s Macintosh division. If there is blockage with the deal due to their acquisition of Velveeta Cheese, it is expected to take much longer for Manüre to be released.


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