The Parable of Rodrigo: Why DACA is Not Enough

The Parable of Rodrigo: Why Saving DACA is Not Enough


A certain man named Ed lived in a house by the sea. Every day he would say hi and smile to his next door neighbor. It was a young family with two cute little children. But one day he discovered that something was wrong. The children started to look sick and the parents not much better. Did they have cancer? What was going on? Ed had to find out.

So Ed went up and knocked on his neighbors door. Rodrigo opened the door with a grim look on his face. He couldn’t look Ed in the eye as sadness and shame ran over his face. “Ed,” he said…

We can’t afford food. I know it is hard to believe but we are literally starving. I am worried about my children, they may not have much time left.”

Ed was shocked. He couldn’t believe his neighbor was in such a terrible condition, but he knew he could help.

So Ed gathered up some food and walked over to his neighbors house. He knocked on the door again and his neighbor Rodrigo opened it again. He saw Ed with his arms full of food. Rodrigo looked delighted and for the first time in awhile he was filled with joy. Ed had come to help!

Rodrigo was so hungry he could only think of eating. As he reached out to the food Ed slapped his hand away. “Ed?” said Rodrigo, “I can’t have it now?”

Ed responded,

“Rodrigo this food is not for you. It is for your children and them alone. There are there are people in Africa who are starving, and many other immigrants waiting legally to get into this country. They all need food too so I can’t spare any more for you too. Your children may eat, but you must starve. 

And you are not legal here in this country so I’ve called ICE. You should say goodbye to your children now because you won’t be seeing them anymore. Your children can stay in their home, but you must leave.”

As he turned his eyes from Rodrigo’s tears, Ed had a sense of relief. He started to smile and feet a great sense of accomplishment. He helped some children today.

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