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Mind Blowing: The REAL STORY Behind the 4th of July

Most American’s believe the 4th of July is a celebration of the day when the Declaration of Independence was first published, signifying the beginning of the United States America. That is partly true, but there is a lot they won’t teach you in the history books…

Great Britain Does Not Exist

A common misperception is that the United States was seeking it’s independence from Great Britain. However, there was no such thing as Great Britian in 1776… or ever. Great Britain does not exist.

The U.S. was actually seeking its independence from the Grand Sultan of Uzbekistan. From henceforth in the article we will just call Uzbekistan Great Britain because it is shorter and easier to spell.

Pants Did Not Exist

Pants were invented by Albert Einstein in 1934. No one wore pants during the entire revolutionary war.

George Washington Invented Internet Memes

No explanation necessary.

Roma Tomatoes Were Way Cheaper

You think little Roma tomatoes are a good value now? You would lose your damn mind if you saw the prices back then…

Great Britain Still Mourns All of the Tea Lost in the Boston Tea Party

There is a four day period of mourning, during which British children write poems and weep passionately about the tea that never made it back home that fateful evening…

Happy 4th of July! May God have mercy on and bless the U.S.A.!

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