Donald Trump Reveals Plan to Deport The Statue of Liberty - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Donald Trump Reveals Plan to Deport The Statue of Liberty

“I don’t care if The Statue of Liberty has been here for over a century, she isn’t a citizen and was never issued a visa. If I’m elected President I’ll ship her back to whatever french-fry, crêpe, or mime factory in France that she came from,” said Donald Trump to a group of French supporters earlier today.

Trump also said that the Statue of Liberty is, “probably a rapist.”

“She carries a gigantic stone… what else are you going to do with that in New York City?”

Donald Trump also explained that you cannot trust the Statue of Liberty because he has been to some crazy parties in the 80s and has personally seen an ex-girlfriend dressed like the Statue of Liberty chase after him with a stone tablet and a torch.

“Plus,” Trump said, “we have no space for people like her. She looks likes a ‘poor, tired, huddled mass,’ that is yearning for something. America doesn’t stand for accepting people like that.”

“Again,” said Trump, “it doesn’t matter how long a person is here or if they have become an important part of our culture. She was made by Gustave Eiffel, the same person who made the Eiffel Tower in Paris. What could be less American?

Don’t let yourself be played by this unamerican, big-nosed, lesbian-looking, “Statue of Liberty.”

Donald Trump also sent us a picture of his tattoo, proof, he said that the Statue of Liberty cannot be trusted. The tattoo read, “12/4/1986, NEVER Forget.”

That was the day, he said, “that will live in infamy. The day one of my ex-girlfirends chased after me at a party with a torch and a stone tablet, dressed like the Statue of Liberty!”

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