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They Have Rejected God: Rev. Dr. Barber on Trump’s Election

In a passionate post election sermon, Rev. Dr. Barber interprets the election of Donald Trump. Below is a brief and imperfect summary of some of his interpretation of the election but I would highly recommend listening to the whole sermon if you get a chance (at the end of this post).

They Have Rejected God: Samuel’s Model

“…it is not you they have rejected [Samuel], but they have rejected me [God] as their king.”

Rev. Dr. Barber interprets this election through the paradigm of the prophet Samuel. A comparison others have been unable to resist as well.

In the book of Samuel, the people rejected God as their king because they wanted to have a king like other nations. So God gave them up to their own sin, and gave them the king they desired.

More than politics

Rev. Dr. Barber called this election not so much about Trump and Clinton but about, “the rejection of some things much deeper.” (clip)

Exchanging Righteousness for Unrighteousness

Rev. Dr. Barber praised Obama as a good man which led to a standing ovation (see here).

He then said we will witness the, “inauguration of”con” and listed some of Trump sins… (not a difficult task given Trump’s character).

This is nothing new

Remember slavery? The Republican’s southern strategy that sought to win elections through coded racial appeals? Remember how the people rejected Moses? This is nothing new.

We knew what we were doing

Samuel warned the people that Saul would lead their sons into war & bring many hardships… the people did it anyway.

No congratulations for Trump

This would enable his sin. “Repent!” says Rev. Dr. Barber to Trump. If Trump wants to do what is right we will support that but it is our calling to challenge him when he does wrong.

Be Revived!

Don’t stay in discouragement, be revived says Rev. Dr. Barber! The role of Christians is even more important during this time. Be encouraged, be revived! There is glory in being on the side of truth. Christians were made to stand up for justice.

Full Sermon

Above is a very imperfect summary from memory because I just wanted to share something about this really encouraging sermon. It may go down as one of the greatest of our time… I would highly recommend listening to it.


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4 Comments on They Have Rejected God: Rev. Dr. Barber on Trump’s Election

  1. I am looking forward to listening to this sermon. This was exactly the passage that came to my mind as I saw the church rally behind this wicked man. I am glad there are believers like this minister who are speaking the truth and also trying to exhort with hope..

  2. I agree with the analogy, but I don’t feel that Obama deserved a standing ovation. On the contrary, Obama’s leadership was a precursor to Trump, as he was so far from either the Constitution or Godly principles of governance, and came across as truly anti-Christian. With Obama, society as a whole chose evil. With Trump, “Christians” did. This is why the analogy itself is correct. The faithful SHOULD have chosen a man of faith who honors the Word of God AND the Constitution. Believers had that option. Too few made that choice. And now we have Saul.

    • Don’t disagree completely on Obama as he had perhaps major benefits as well as major flaws. If we talk about the godly candidate, they were the ones who ran a guy who thinks poor people don’t want to work & want hand outs & wasn’t even a Christian admittedly. Both parties are at fault here even before this election as I see it.

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