Russian Trolls Confuse "Casual Friday" with "Casualty Friday" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Russian Trolls Confuse “Casual Friday” with “Casualty Friday”

Russian troll

Just this morning thousands of Russian-backed social media accounts confused America’s custom of “casual Friday” with Russia’s state mandated holiday, “Casualty Friday.”

Russian troll accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all posted comments on the topic this Friday morning.

Russian-backed fake accounts were spotted as saying things like,

“In honor of Casualty Friday, I will kill an innocent civilian without wearing a tie! #AmericaFirst #DemocracyIsOverrated”

“For Casualty Friday I don’t wear tie, I wear the crushed dreams of my enemies.”

“In celebration of Casualty Friday… to pledge of allegiance we need add the phrase, ‘Vladimir Putin has never had shrinkage.”

The trolls, however, are expected to do whatever the heck they want until America decides it wants to defend itself.

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