Modern Day Mother Theresa Uses Selfie-Stick to Take Pictures of Other People - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Modern Day Mother Theresa Uses Selfie-Stick to Take Pictures of Other People

On a fateful February morning, 25 year old Jackie Friedman turned her selfie stick around and started taking pictures of other people.

Friedman explained,

“One day my selfie stick was broken and in the middle of a shot and a strong wind came. It turned the device around and snapped a photo of someone else. I had a major realization. There are people out there starving for vain photos yet here I was selfishly snapping them all of myself.

The first person that she snapped, what she terms a, “selfless selfie” of was 24 year old Camille Monterossa.

Monterossa explained how it made her feel to be given a, “selfless selfie,”

“I grew up in an internet-impoverished town. The majority of the town was on the basic Wi-Fi package from AT&T. I still suffer from severe trauma, not knowing if when I download a song it will take ten seconds or two minutes! I jumped off a bridge in an attempt to end my life one day when it took 3 hours to illegally download a movie. I wasn’t happy to discover I had survived the fall…”

Monterossa began to cry violently, but she continued,

“I was literally starving for Facebook likes. But here Friedman comes along and snaps a selfie… of ME! And she posts it on Facebook! Not only did my friends like the photo of me licking a lolly-pop but some random old man from Bangladesh shared it to his page! I am so happy now!”

And Friedman’s care for her fellow human beings does not stop with, “selfless selfies.” Friedman claims that people with dial-up internet still exist, and it is her life’s goal to, “save those wretched savages.”

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