Man Staring at Sky Rather than Smartphone Clearly Insane - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Man Staring at Sky Rather than Smartphone Clearly Insane

“He literally just sat there, on a park bench, staring at the sky, and never once taking out his smartphone. We couldn’t believe this was actually happening. We were sure he was so insane he would just kill us all at any moment,” said 30 year old Jennifer Ferrell who witnessed the event.

The man, 42 year old Gerard Tapinski, claims to have been staring at the sky because he, “finds it beautiful” and, “appreciates nature.” An FBI criminologist who wished to remain anonymous said that these sorts of lies are common among the criminally insane.

Ferrell has filed a lawsuit against the man, saying that the incident has caused her PTSD. Ferrell explains, “Every time I pass a park I am terrified that there is another crazy man nearby. I am so convinced he is close by that after I pass by a park, I spend a few minutes checking my body for bullet wounds.”

The esteemed Psychologist Dr. Frita Johnson, commented on Ferrell, “this man must have been totally isolated with no friends and absolutely nothing to lose. There is no real psychologically accepted term to describe the man. I am a professional so I am not supposed to say this, but the only word that really applies to this man is, “batshit crazy.”

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