Sean Spicer Threatens to Morph Back into Hypnotoad - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

Sean Spicer Threatens to Morph Back into Hypnotoad

“You aren’t appreciating the freedom I have given you by appearing to you in the form of a man,” said Sean Spicer to the press Friday afternoon. Spicer repeatedly threatened the press by claiming that he could revert to what he says is his “original form,” Hypnotoad.

The confrontation began after Spicer repeatedly defended Trump’s claim that the moon was made entirely of green cheese despite the fact that the press has repeatedly exposed that as absolutely top shelf idiot material.

Spicer blasted the press for fake news and making Trump feel extremely insecure and then  lifted a magic wand that he claimed could immediately expose his true form as Hypnotoad, the giant magic toad that controls the minds of its audience by emitting a loud buzzing sound and moving it’s eyes around or something.

While it has long been common knowledge that Spicer can exist in multiple forms due to his multiple appearances as Melissa McCarthy on SNL, few believe he can actually revert to Hypnotoad.

Spicer on the other hand says he can, and it can help him defend Trump’s most recent claim, that Barack Obama kicked him in the balls on multiple occasions when Trump visited the White House as President Elect. The press corps has already exposed this claim as, “the greatest accomplishment of idiocy in the past thousand years.”

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