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New Marvel Superhero: Idiot Who Buys Overpriced Stocks

January 29, 2021

Marvel just announced it’s next Superhero movie called, “Todd,” an everyday idiot who discovers his superhero power: buying overpriced stocks. The origin story begins with Todd’s grandfather who put his life savings in horse stocks […]

Inside Trump’s Blackmail Management Task Force

March 12, 2017

  Many reports have suggested that Trump’s administration is chaotic and understaffed, but the one place this is not true is in President Trump’s state of the art Blackmail Management Task Force. In a massive complex […]

Trump’s Top Russia Advisor Refutes Rumors

January 7, 2017

Donald Trump’s top Russia advisor says his name is Jack and he is an American from Alabama, but he has a very strong Russian accent and says, “praise be upon him” when mentioning Vladimir Putin… Listen below… […]

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