CBS Founder admits, "The Price is Right" was Created for, "Laughing at Poor People" - When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub

CBS Founder admits, “The Price is Right” was Created for, “Laughing at Poor People”

“In our modern age it was the closest we could get to watching gladiators fight to the death for our amusement.” admitted, Carlyle Bradley Sigismund, the founder of CBS. Sigismund, whose initials (CBS) became the name of one of the largest T.V. networks, came clean about The Price is Right’s purpose,

“We originally wanted to get a video of some poor person losing the lottery to laugh at. Then we thought it would be even funnier if we basically did the same thing but played funny cartoonish sounds when a they lost. And that is how The Price is Right was born.”

Sigismund continued,

“I can’t believe people let us get away with this for so long. I mean, guessing the exact digits of a car price is virtually impossible. It is a one in ten chance for each digit. You can maybe guess with the first two but to get all of the next three is literally a 1 in 1,000 chance.”

The CBS founder also claims that the “Showcase Showdown” was a sham. The contestants signed a contract stating that they could not say anything negative about their prizes, but Sigismund said,

“The things they would win were for our entertainment as well. The new jetskis couldn’t support a body more than 50 pounds. The big screen TVs only played the spanish network stations, and a trip to Paris always involved a connecting flight through Iraq.”


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