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The New Freethought is Free from Secular Dogma

April 28, 2016

Free-thinking no longer primarily means doubting religion. As it was with the church in the Middle Ages, society is again filled with dogma, but now it comes not from the church, but the authorities of […]

Science Can be Perverted as Religion Can

April 16, 2016

It is not just religion that can be perverted and misused… science can as well, along with any worldview. “But if we fail, then the whole world… will sink into the abyss of a new […]

The Battle-Cry of Bonhoeffer

April 15, 2016

“The bible, the gospel, Christ, the church, the faith, all are one great battle-cry against fear in the lives of human beings.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian theologian who returned to Germany to join the […]

Do “prayer studies” disprove God?

February 11, 2016

Philosopher Dr. Michael Rea has a very legitimate response to one of the most influential atheist objections… the claim that we should be able to prove his existence by a scientific study of prayer.

The Faith of Harriet Tubman

February 11, 2016

Religion is the cause of all the words problems? Actually, religion is often in the heart of history’s most selfless and courageous people. Harriet Tubman risked her life to save thousands of slaves through the […]

William Wilberforce and Apologetics

January 30, 2016

“Christianity has been successfully attacked and marginalized… because those who professed belief were unable to defend the faith from attack, even though its attackers’ arguments were deeply flawed.” ― William Wilberforce (1759-1833)

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